Government's Of India Plans for Promoting Electric Vehicles

There is an urgent and undeniable need for the citizens of India to make a shift from traditional fossil fuel has driven vehicles to electric ones. If we look at our own surroundings and cities at large, we’ll find that we are engulfed in poisonous and toxic gases emitted from these very fossil fuel driven vehicles.

The Government Of India seems to have recognised this need and thus, is drafting several policies to promote Electric Vehicles and benefit those who drive them. They have urged the entrusted car manufacturers such as Honda, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota to develop Electric Vehicles that both suit the demands of customers and roads alike, and aren’t quite hefty on the pocket either.

The Electric Vehicle Mission of the Modi government aims for all-electric cars in India by the year 2030.

At present, the mass development of Electric cars is a pipe dream. It is neither technologically nor financially feasible. Moreover, the dream to achieve all-electric vehicles by 2030 will not only require major changes on our roads, it’ll also require a major alteration in our thinking process. Although the Government Of India is pushing and promoting car manufacturers to produce and sell electric vehicles, they are not offering any incentives.


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