Nissan will be selling cars online in future.

In the modern day of the internet, everything seems to be in a humble harmony with the internet. It has facilitated users, consumers, to know more and more about a product and a manufacturer. Same goes for the motor industry. Today, almost everyone who purchases car conducts a thorough research on the internet before purchasing a car.

Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer, has understood the requirements of the evolving market and has thus, facilitated its potential consumers to book a car online and pay via credit card or net banking. The car will be delivered to consumer’s nearest Nissan outlet and the consumer can pick it up as per the convenience.

“At Nissan, we are putting in place suitable payment gateways with the help of specific car portals to ensure timely delivery and service at the time of purchase.” states Nitish Tipnis, director, marketing, Hover Automotive India (Nissan’s National Sales Company).  “The objective is to simplify the purchase cycle and delight the customer by making the entire sales journey quicker and more efficient with no compromise on service.”


Tipnis also believes that this sales model will save consumers’ and seller’s time immensely. Moreover, in order to encourage the sales via the online channel, Nissan will also offer attractive discounts and other offers.



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